Research | IRIS

  • Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) arrays
    They combine single-photon detectors and high-speed electronics to count photons and measure their arrival time in parallel for each pixel. They find application over a broad range of fields, including time-of-flight LiDAR for automotive/consumer/industrial automation/space technology, quantum random number generators, and bio-/medical imaging (FLIM, Raman, PET, SPECT).
  • Low-power Vision sensors
    They gather extra information from the scene at chip- or pixel-level to perform complex tasks using a small amount of power. This technology is applied to surveillance/security, mobile cameras, IoT, privacy-compliant monitoring, and ubiquitous computing.
  • Multispectral, X-ray and THz
    They add the wavelength as a variable capable of increasing the information carried by an image, to see things our eye (and standard cameras) cannot see. Applications include medical imaging, security, quality control, spectroscopy.
  • Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS)
    MAPS exploit the interaction of charged particles with matter to measure their energy, position and direction with a low energy budget. They can be used for beam monitoring in hadron therapy or for particle tracking in high energy physics experiments.
  • Readout ASICs
    They extract the useful signal from custom detectors (SiPM, SDD, strip detectors, 3D SiPM, …), minimizing noise and distortions.
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