Research Units

  • ARES is the FBK’s hub in the Energy sector. ARES conducts research, innovation and technology development on sustainable Energy solutions with the objective of a carbon free society. ARES collaborates with partners at industrial and territorial levels to reach a flexible Energy System. Main competences are in Hydrogen, Batteries and Solar energy
    Head of Unit: Luigi Crema
  • The research activity of the unit is focused on the development of plasma processes for thin films growth and the synthesis and study of innovative functional materials
    Heads of Unit: Georg Pucker, Nadhira Bensaada Laidani
  • The unit focuses on R&D on the development of advanced solid-state sensors, either using dedicated technology processes or state-of-the-art CMOS technologies, with special and fully customizable features
    Head of Unit: Matteo Perenzoni
  • The research activity of the Unit is oriented to the design and fabrication of microsystems, microdevices and sensors
    Head of Unit: Leandro Lorenzelli
  • The Micro Nano characterization and fabrication Facility (MNF) groups the major micro-fabrication and materials analysis laboratories of the center. It performs and supports R&D activities and provides expertise and assistance to get access or service activities. MNF is certified ISO 9001:2015 as a key element of its business model bridging the gap between research and small scale production.
    Head of Unit: Pierluigi Bellutti