Research Units

The Center for Sensor & Devices performs research in several areas of Material Science, Silicon Based devices, radiation detectors and imagers, photonics, bioscience and biotechnology, Quantum Technologies and energy systems.
The research activities are divided into five units that focus on different fields of research: IRIS, IQO, MNF, MST and CRS.

  • The unit focuses on R&D on the development of advanced solid-state sensors, either using dedicated technology processes or state-of-the-art CMOS technologies, with special and fully customizable features
    Head of Unit: Leonardo Gasparini
  • Integrated and Quantum Optics Unit develops, fabricates and characterizes integrated optical circuits for biomedical sensing, miniaturization of spectrometers and interferometers, and devices for applications in telecommunications among others.
    Head of Unit: Georg Pucker
  • The Micro Nano characterization and fabrication Facility (MNF) groups the major micro-fabrication and materials analysis laboratories of the center.
    Head of Unit: Lorenza Ferrario
  • The research activity of the Unit is oriented to the design and fabrication of microsystems, microdevices and sensors
    Head of Unit: Leandro Lorenzelli
  • The CRS unit of the SD centre focuses on research and development of radiation sensors (electromagnetic radiation and ionizing particles) customized for the target application.
    Head of Unit: Giancarlo Pepponi
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