Industrial Projects

FBK-SD is involved in several research industrial projects. FBK-SD industrial research projects are collaborative by nature and tailored to suit company requirements. We undertake a number of projects coo financed by European Commission or National action.

We currently have more than twenty running industrial projects. Some examples are shown below:

  • Development of adaptive mirrors by silicon MEMS technology
  • Development of products to improve RNA analysis for the study of gene expression processes
  • Development of new products based on phase transition elastomeric compounds
  • Research activity aimed at supporting the production of 10KW and 50KWh flow batteries
  • Support to the development of an innovative efficient Snow Machine
  • Research activity on the development of Eco-sustainable gaseous nitriding process using cogeneration of energy from exhaust gases “
  • Development of a multiple system for the management, storage and distribution of energy on local networks (SMSE)
  • Development of a new process for the reconversion of plastic materials in hydrocarbons
  • Research on cells with solid oxides for hydrogen production or reversible systems
  • Development of Smart Integrated Glazing Units
  • ADAM Development of artifacts in the field of energy production and aerospace by additive manufacturing using super alloy compounds
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