Cadence Academic Network

logo cadence academic network
The academic network was launched in 2007 by Cadence® Europe. The aim was to promote the proliferation of leading-edge technologies and methodologies at universities renowned for their engineering and design excellence. A knowledge network among selected European universities, research institutes, industry advisors and Cadence was established to facilitate the sharing of technology expertise in the areas of verification, design and implementation of microelectronic systems.


Our main research topics are design and verification of analog and mixed/signal circuits mostly realizing image sensors and readout ASICs for radiation detectetors. For all these topics we rely on the following Cadence tools: Virtuoso, Spectre, Physical Verification System (PVS),  Pegasus and Quantus.


We train our PhD students in the use of Cadence tools for their research in image sensor design. Additionally, Cadence tools are used in courses that we hold at the University of Trento within the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the Department of Industrial Engineering and in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

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