Education and Training

One of the pillars of FBK’s overall mission is education and dissemination of scientific knoledge. Education is a strategic element of the FBK-SD impact to society. The Center for Sensors and Devices implements this mission with different levels of action:

High School

Several projects involving FBK-SD’s scientific personnel and local schools are dedicated to stimulate scientific interest and to introduce scientific and technological competence to the students with the aim to provide additional skills for entering the labour market or for orienting their future university careers. This activity is coordinated by a dedicated FBK program in collaboration with the local high school system.

University Internships and Theses

FBK-SD supports Undergraduate and Master Theses in collaboration with several Universities. The theses are supervised by researchers for a period for  3  / 9 months. For further information please write to [email protected]


FBK has an international PhD program designed to achieve an outstanding level, in collaboration with several national and international Universities. FBK-SD supports ten new positions / year.


FBK-SD researchers contribute to University courses in several fields:

  • Photonic
  • Nanotechnology
  • MEMS
  • Detector technology
  • Surface science
  • Management of innovation


FBK-SD organises technical trainings focuesd on clean room. The courses are structured in one or more days and are addressed to researchers and ingeneers who are interested in clean room technologies and relatede operations. Active courses:

  • working in clean room environment
  • safety
  • introduction to base processes and on-line checks
  • introduction to advanced processes
  • mantenance


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