• Circuit architecture of an improved pixel for detecting and calculating the number of photons.

• Device for measuring a distance and method for measuring said distance
• Hall effect magnetic sensor of the improved type and matrix comprising a plurality of said Hall effect magnetic sensors
• Improved solid-state photomultiplier device and method for controlling said photomultiplier device
• Laser fusion system and method
• Method of managing a silicon photomultiplier device
• Optoelectronic sensor and method for measuring a distance
• Photodetector
• Radiation detection element, radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus
• Radiation detector and radiation detection device
• Semiconductor detector, radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus
• Solid-state photomultiplier device with high spatial resolution and control method for said photomultiplier device.
• System for detecting particles
• Use of a semiconductor device for generating random numbers
• Wideband power attenuators in RF-MEMS technology
• Process to manufacture an anode for lithium ion batteries
• Volumetric receiver
• Graphene-based material for the generation of hydrogen and heat in auqeous environment and process for the production thereof
• Hydrophilic polymer surface, process for production of the same, uses of the process and items comprising said surface
• Improvement in tactile sensor devices based on the integration between a piezoelectric transducer film and a local conditioning FET transistor
• Method for making the comparison between a continuous value analogue signal and a continuous value digital signal and circuit architecture configured to carry out the aforesaid method
• Multilayer coating with high absorption of solar energy and with low thermal emissivity, related cermet composite, a use thereof and processes for producing them
• Sensor for the detection of biomolecules in a biological fluid by chemiluminescence reaction
• Micro-manipulator and method for fabrication of said micro-manipulator

  • EP 2154516 A1
    Method and apparatus for analysing an object
    P. Gregori, F. Remondino / FBK, Art-test
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