Micro- Nano- Fabrication

MNF manages the laboratories and facilities of common interest for all the units of the Centre. Specifically, MNF runs two fabrication cleanrooms, one dedicated to silicon based radiation detectors and integrated photonics and one dedicated to MEMS and NEMS.

CRD – silicon detectors cleanroom
Cleanroom dedicated to silicon based radiation sensors and integrated photonics. The cleanroom is in class 100. The lithography bay is in class 10. Minimum feature size 3um (double side mask aligner), 350nm (stepper), 10nm (EBL). Being dedicated to radiation sensors, metals are limited to aluminum and titanium.

CRM – MEMS and NEMS cleanroom
Cleanroom dedicated MEMS and NEMS. The cleanroom is in class 1000. The lithography bay is in class 100. Minimum feature size 1um (mask aligner). Nanofabrication oriented dual beam system (feature sizes 20nm).

The following is a list of the Standard Processes commonly used in the MNF Cleanrooms. Any Process included in the list can be requested and executed without additional approval. If you are interested in a process that falls outside the list, please contact us and we will try and accommodate your request, if possible.

For any inquiry about the micro- nano- fabrication services please contact Lorenza Ferrario.

1. Full Silicon processing 150 mm Wafers down to 0.5 µm Linewidth (Stepper)
2. Full Silicon processing 150 mm Wafers down to 2.5 µm Linewidth (Maskaligner)
3. Doubleside Processing (preliminary Process Flow Check requested)
4. Bulk & Surface Micromachining (MEMS)
5. Deep trenches and TSV with a Adixen ASM DRIE
6. Thin film deposition with controlled mechanical features with a STS PECVD.
7. Submicron lithography with a Nikon stepper
8. TMAH bulk micromachining
9. Thick film electroplating – Au, Cu, Ag
10. Dry film processing
12. Stencil Screen printing
14. Thermocompression bonding on various substrate type & size
15. AuSn Eutectic bonding
16. Lift-off Process
17. Galvanic Gold Deposition
18. Large Area Radiation Detectors
19. Wafer Level Bonding
20. Standard Substrates: Si & Quartz wafers, 150 mm, 250 – 675 um thick, primary flat only.

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