Activity | MNF

Our activity is based on two synergic topics:

Microfabrication: design, development, prototyping, production and packaging of innovative devices based on silicon technology, with a focused expertise on radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro-mechanical devices for transduction, particle detection, RF-technologies, optics. With more than 20 years of experience, the complete development cycle of advanced micro devices is covered for both R&D and production. The core technology platforms are:

Ultra-low leakage planar devices
Wafer-through doped structures
Surface MEMS

Materials analysis: development and application of analytical techniques and related methodologies for the characterization of materials with a focus on surfaces, interfaces and resolution/sensitivity at the micro and nanoscale. Main areas of expertise are:

  • Ion beam/matter interaction
  • X-ray analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis in Spectroscopy and Spectrometry
  • Surface Engineering by Ion Implantation

In this scenario we perform:

Research and development of new processes, materials, analytical methodologies.
Service activities for external customers and partners, in both fields, material analysis and microfabrication.

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