Research activities mainly focus on materials and interfaces, devices and microsystems, renewable energy and environment:

Materials & Interfaces

  • Development of new materials and interfaces
  • Chemical‐physical analysis of materials and Interfaces
  • Biomaterials and biotechnologies for medical applications

Devices & Microsystems

Design, fabrication, characterization and packaging of innovative devices based on silicon compatible technology. In particular:

  • Silicon‐based devices for radiation detection
  • CMOS high‐performance low‐cost vision devices
  • Silicon‐based photonics and custom MEMS for radio frequency, biomedical, agro‐food and environmental applications

Renewable energy and environment

Study and development of innovative solutions for renewable energies with a special focus on energy re‐use and near zero energy buildings [NZEB]

Highlight examples of research activities are reported

  • Advanced nanosystems for a new era in molecular oncology – NEWTON
  • Nonlinear dynamics of optical frequency combs – NEMO
  • All Solid-State Super-Twinning Photon Microscope – SUPERTWIN
  • Integrated System based on photonic microresonators and microfluidic components for rapid detection of toxins in milk and dairy products – SYMPHONY
  • Development of a Master Socket for optimised design of prosthetic socket for lower limb amputees – SOCKETMASTER

Details of our research capabilities can be found in the description of the individual research units and laboratories, here.