FBK-SD at high altitute for the PIZ-Gamma project

18 October 2023

Thanks to the endorsement of CARITRO Foundation, the Bruno Kessler Foundation has launched the project named PIZ-Gamma in collaboration with the National Institute for Astrophysics (Bologna section), SAT, MeteoTrentino, and MUSE. This project offers an educational program that will involve seven high school institutes, focusing on the development and creation of devices capable of detecting Gamma rays generated during thunderstorms.

The project’s activities include the installation of a monitoring station in the spring of 2024 near the Boè refuge, located at an altitude of 2871 meters above sea level. This station will not only include a Gamma-ray detector but also a system for collecting meteorological and lightning data nearby the refuge.

The initiative will involve the collaboration of various research units within the Bruno Kessler Foundation, including two units from the Sensor & Devices Center (CRS and MNF), which will be responsible for the design and manufacture of the detector.


More info: FBK Magazine

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