MCLab – materials characterization laboratories.

The materials characterization laboratories are specialized in surface analytical techniques ranging from secondary ion mass spectrometry, x-ray photoelectron spectrometry, scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy. Other more general purpose analytical techniques such as Raman and Photo Luminescence spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction and fluorescence are also available.


Functional Testing Lab

The Functional Test Lab hosts four test-benches aimed at microchip electrical characterization, PCB assembly and testing, and one climatic chamber for temperature characterization. Every bench is equipped with several power supplies, oscilloscopes, digital and analog acquisition boards. A dedicated testbench is set up for measurement and characterization of TeraHertz detectors up to 1.1THz frequency.


Bio Nano Lab

The Bio Nano Lab is an interdisciplinary infrastructure with the aim of integrating biology, physic, chemistry informatics and engineering to provide a multidisciplinary research and innovation approach to Micro Nano Bio Science and Biotechnologies.


Laser Lab

The Laser Lab consists of two rooms, qualified for laser sources up to class 3B, completely shielded from sunlight and aimed at electro-optical testing, lifetime imaging, single-photon detectors characterization and image sensors testing. There are three testbenches equipped with power supplies, oscilloscopes, digital and analog acquisition boards, optical benches and optical components.


Gamma Lab

The Gamma Lab is a laboratory dedicated to the test of radiation detectors qualified for the use of radioactive sources and scintillators. Several climatic chambers and high-speed oscilloscopes with large memory depth, together with electrical and electronic instrumentation allow full characterization of the energy and timing performance of detectors.



The lab is dedicated to the testing of fuel cells and electrolysers based on different technologies such as Solid Oxide Cells (SOC) and Anion Exchange Membranes (AEM), from the cell level to the complete stacks even in reversible modes. Additional testing is performed to quality materials for hydrogen storage. The lab is fully equipped with methane, hydrogen and ammonia lines and relative equipment to handle fluids. Additional lab instrumentation for measurement and material processing as mass spectrometer and glove box are included.





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