CRD – silicon detectors cleanroom

The silicon detectors cleanroom extends over 500 sqm, and is classified ISO 4-5. It is equipped with a double-side mask aligner and a stepper granting a minimum line widht of 500 nm.
It processes 150mm wafers and it is mainly dedicated to radiation sensors and integrated photonics.
To maintain the yield and quality standards achieved it follows strict rules and requirements in terms of contamination (wafer exchange with other laboratories, materials and processes allowed).


CRM – MEMS and NEMS cleanroom

The MEMS and NEMS cleanroom extends over 100 sqm, and is classified ISO 5-6 class. It is equipped with a single-side mask aligner with a minimum line width of 2.5 μm. It is a general purpose cleanroom facility with higher flexibility in terms of materials.


CRP – packaging and integration cleanroom

The packaging and integration cleanroom extends over 60 sqm, and is classified ISO 6 class.
It is equipped with precision manual pick& place and bonder for prototype assembly.


CR3D – 3D integration cleanroom

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