SiPM Evolution

We have worked on the redesign of the electric field in the active area of the microcells composing the SiPM, obtaining the RGB-SiPM technology, which features a reduced detector noise, expressed in terms of its Dark Count Rate (DCR). The new electric field also reduces significantly the variations of the breakdown voltage variations between different devices and it provides a much smaller gain temperature coefficient, which is of great interest in multi-channels applications.

We have also focused on the maximization of the PDE at different wavelengths, introducing a separate technology for the NUV light detection, called NUV-SiPM technology. This technology also features a further reduction of the DCR.

Finally, with the RGB-HD technology, we have reduced the microcell size, without a loss of Fill Factor, thanks to a re-design of the edge structure of the microcells, in order to increase the dynamic range and reduce the correlated noise (Excess Noise Factor, or ENF).

SiPM Roadmap

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