Your contribution to Sensors Journal special issue on Advanced Micro and Nano Technologies for Gas Sensing

29 April 2020

The MNF unit is guest editing a special issue of Sensors journal, dedicated to advanced fabrication technologies for gas sensing. The development of innovative devices for gaseous molecules monitoring is gaining momentum in existing and new areas, including indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of clinical disease with non-invasive methods, and safety. Small and low consumption sensors are enabling mobile and wearable electronics applications, as well as diffused monitoring compatible with the IoT world.  Sensor miniaturization using micro- and nanofabrication technologies appears as the main road to develop the next generation of gas sensors. This Special Issue will cover innovative research on micro- and nanotechnologies for the development of gas sensors. Relevant reviews and original research articles for this issue will focus on:

Simulation, design, and fabrication of advanced sensors with improvements in miniaturization, consumption, and performance;
Nanomaterials for gas sensing, including properties, advances in synthesis and growth, fabrication technologies, and surface functionalization techniques;
New key enabling technologies and device integration concepts for gas sensing, in situ, and in operando measurements.
For more information please refer to the special issue web page.

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