Celebrate the International Day of Light with us

13 May 2024

The International Day of Light, proclaimed in 2015 by UNESCO for 16 May, the anniversary of the creation of the world’s first laser by T.H. Maiman in 1960, aims to promote the central role of light and light-based technologies in science, culture, education and sustainable economic development. Trento is always present at this event, through CNR, FBK and the University.


At the 2024 event, the contributions to the day, presented by personalities of different disciplinary and professional backgrounds, will investigate little-known aspects of light. STEM disciplines and the humanities sometimes find unexpected convergences in light, and the various speakers, attentive to the communicative and social aspects of their activities, will also enrich our knowledge by commenting on the role of light in developments in medicine, physics, chemistry, engineering and its artistic and philosophical implications.



About the author

Alessandro Cian, Research Scientist for the Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Center for Sensors and Devices, Trento, Italy.

Contact     T: +39 0461 314122     |     E: [email protected]

For more information visit the following link: Light: art, biomedicine, technology – Trento

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