Electron microscopy in FBK and beyond

03 October 2023

The Center for Sensors & Devices of Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) has recently acquired a tabletop scanning electron microscope. This microscope is installed in the laboratories of the Micro and Nano Facility (MNF) of FBK, which coordinates its use for technological activities of the SD Center and for commercial service activities. Thanks to the characteristics of the new system, our researchers can expedite their research activities, carry out tele-microscopy experiments with external companies, and engage in scientific outreach activities outside of FBK.

The microscope, initially used for the MicroLab 4.0 project funded by the VRT Foundation of Trento, allowed activities on electron microscopy for education programs with secondary schools (in collaboration with RIS-FBK), for visitors to the Museum of Natural Sciences (MUSE), and for some companies based in the Trentino area, also in telemicroscopy mode. These activities, which fall within FBK’s third mission, continue in different forms; for example, we mention the participation of MNF researchers in several workshops at the 2023 Wired Next Fest in Rovereto, an international event open to the public.


More info at FBK Magazine

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