A "cover" collaboration

09 April 2024

The recent partnership between researchers from the MNF research unit and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bozen has seen its excellent results recognised with the publication of a paper in the journal ACS Applied electronic materials entitled “Channel Nanoscaling of InGaZnO TFTs and Circuits via Focused Ion Beam”. The researchers’ work, which was also published as a cover of the journal, focused on the study of thin-film nanoscale transistors on a flexible substrate, which could offer important developments in the field of wearable sensors and intelligent electronic systems.

(ACS Applied electronic materials – March 26, 2024, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 1530-2092)


The collaboration made it possible to combine the skills of researchers from the South Tyrolean group led by Prof. Luisa Petti, Prof. Niko Münzenrieder and Prof. Giuseppe Cantarella and those of the MNF nanofabrication group led by Damiano Giubertoni. PhD student Federica Catania supervised the fabrication of the devices, which were then processed by Dr. Elia Scattolo, who through the use of a beam of gold and germanium ions was able to define sub-100 nm channels in flexible transistors. The researchers are currently continuing the collaboration, applying the same approach to flexible circuits and transistors with an optimised structure.

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